Church History

History and Vision of the Rittenhouse Baptist Church

Rittenhouse Baptist Chapel was organized on September 16, 1951 with Baptist Temple Church as the mother church. Dick Klepper, who served as pastor from 1951-1955, was the first pastor. This mission was constituted a church on September 27, 1953. There were 170 charter members. The chapel was named after the road on which it was established and which meaning of Rittenhouse is "Sanctuary".

The permanent building for the church was completed in December 1952. East and West wings, and a frame building, were erected later.

In 1955, Travis R. Wagstaff was called to serve as pastor. During his ministry from 1955 until 1958, an education building was erected. 

Frank L Park came to our church as pastor in September of 1958, and served until July 1965. Tow additional buildings were constructed for educational space. Also, fifteen acres of land were purchase which joined our present property to Interstate 45. 

By then, The church also announced long range vision for construction of a new auditorium and educational building that can be used as an elementary school on its new grounds. Present plans are to start building the auditorium with-in two years and the educational building. In 5 years, upon completion of the auditorium, the existing building will be converted for us as a school. Eventually the church plans to operate school with classes through the sixth grade.
Thomas B. Guinn came to serve as pastor on February 13, 1966, and served through July 30, 1978. During his ministry, the church constructed a new sanctuary, which includes office space, nurseries, music room, and two Sunday School department rooms. 
Dale E. Adams began his ministry here on September 9, 1979 and served until March 2, 1986. During his ministry the educational building was renovated and a fellowship hall created from the original sanctuary.
Barron H. Harris served as pastor from October 1986 until June 1998. L.W. Kyke was pastor from June - December 1999. J.C. Bowers served as pastor from December 2000 until January 2012. During his tenure the music ministry changed from choir to praise and worship, adding other musical instruments to the service.
A number of individuals blessed the congregation as interim pastors, music directors, praise & worship leaders and youth pastors.
Rittenhouse Baptist Church and the World Transformation Center merged forming the "Rittenhouse Baptist Church, a World Transformation Center in February 2013 with Charles H. Torres becoming the new Sr. Pastor. 

During his leadership a food pantry has been opened to the community and a renovated media center has been completed for the benefit of our audiences in Social Media and Television ministry. A daycare and school along with a gift shop is in progress to better serve the body and community. 

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