About Us


Rittenhouse Baptist Church…. Loving People, Loving our Community, Loving Jesus!
Pastor Charles H. Torres has challenged the congregation to the 3 elements that identify Rittenhouse: 
  1. Love one Another within the body.
  2. Love and serve our Community.
  3. Love to carry out Jesus Commission.
Our strategy is that of serving one another within, penetrating the community with acts of love and going to the Nations around the world to proclaim the message of the Kingdom.

OUR MOTTO: Is based on 1st Peter 2:17: Honor all men, Love the Brotherhood. Fear God and Honor the King.

  1. To provide an authentic worship experience to everyone that encounters Rittenhouse.
  2. To provide a transformation and miracle atmosphere through authentic prayer, worship and seeking the move of the Holy Spirit.
  3. To provide an empowering message that will edify each person spiritually and that boldly each person can take the message to those around them.
  4. To present a "Missions and reaching the lost" mindset in every event, function and activity that we represent.

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